Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Women’s Madison - Maryborough

After much discussion, planning, hand-wringing, nay-saying, spreading the word and support, the inaugral (world wide???? Definitely in Victoria, if not nationally) women’s madison was held. 6-7 teams (can’t quite remember!) lined up at the start line of the 35 lap race. Exchanges were either by hip taps or simply crossing over wheels. The first part of the race was neutral to allow the girls to find their way, amongst themselves, and swapping partners on the track in a bunch. There was a crash between 2 girls early on, which was more about not paying attention and touching wheels than getting tangled up in an exchange. A suspected broken wrist for one of the girls – I hope you both heal quickly! After this small upset, the teams settled in, and as the race progressed, the teams began to find their rhythm and started to work on tactics. It was hot racing, the final race at the end of a long day, and by the end the girls were exhausted, but full of praise for the race – no negatives, lots of smiles and expressions to do it again. Jeff Hoober and Laurie Norris are to be thanked, and congratulated, for putting up the idea in the first place, and for championing the event. This race created quite a storm of opinion, and controversy when it was originally mooted about 6 months ago. Even I was sceptical about whether we’d get numbers to race. Thanks should also go to the girls who actually raced it, for having the balls to get up and give it a go. These pioneers will now make it easier for more women to race not only this event, but will encourage other promoters to put forward different events for women to race.

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