Monday, 21 January 2008

Who punched me in the head?

A non-event of a weekend: Saturday was meant to be a 90km ride, part of which was to be 1:20fied with Mr Legs and a couple of his mates. Well, his mates sms at 6.45am calling the ride off because of some dark clouds overhead, moisture on the road and a bit of drizzle. Pessweak. But I was glad of the sleep in. I sent off a quick sms to Madam Hour, then back to sleep, with a bit of a heavy head that I put down to not enough sleep during the week (averaging 6 hrs a night this week – o yay!). When I finally woke up my head was thick and heavy, and I felt crap. This is not unusual for a Saturday morning, and in the past I’ve put it down to lack of sleep, and/or hayfever, and just ignored it. An hour or so later, my ability to read/see was not just its normal weekend “can’t focus” but was blurring and , at times, warping. Took some aspro, which did nothing, and spent the morning lounging around until motivated enough to go out shopping for a couple of hrs with Mr Legs.

By the afternoon, there was no improvement, so instead of doing a rescheduled ride, I slept some, and kept it low key. Sunday saw a mild improvement in the state of my head, but basically it was a repeat of Saturday ie 90km of training gone, dealing with this persistent, annoying, deadening feeling in my head, nausea etc. Late in the afternoon I went out to feed the mare, and was talking to one of the girls there, after she mentioned I looked “not good”. She said: “Sounds like a migraine. I get them all the time from extreme fatigue.” Then the penny dropped. I’ve never had a migraine before (not that I’d recognised) and believed them to be lock-yourself-away-in-a-dark-room-for-a-few-days affairs. The solution for me was pretty obvious – I need to be absolutely rigourous, and totally non-compromising on getting enough sleep, recovery and de-stress time. Particularly if this (ie migraine) is a consequence of flogging myself training, working, living on small hours of sleep for days and weeks on end. Bugger that for a joke!

Today I’ve googled, read wikipedia, read some medical sites on migraines and realised that I’ve actually been suffering with these blighters on a very mild but regular basis, usually on the weekends, for many years. The mystery of the nasty hangover I get on Saturday morning from not drinking, or from a glass of wine/bourbon on a Friday night is revealed. I’ve learnt a bit about migraines, serotonin levels, triggers, auras and other symptoms, their vagueness and illusiveness in diagnosis and treatment. I wouldn’t normally blog on about an “illness” but it’s been a revelatory weekend for me, which has resulted in recognition of an annoyance that has pestered me for a long time, and recognition of what pushing envelopes, and pretending to be indestructible, can do.


hippy said...

Eeeew not good. I don't like reading about migraines and stuff. Wait, that's not true, yes I do coz it means I can rehash my brain surgery tales.. :)

Nah, seriously, I used to get mental headaches after races and these stopped when I started using sports drinks. The migraine thing might require getting your eyes checked out. My GPs had NO idea.. Have you tried removing the triggers? I stopped drinking, chocolate, cheese.. it was hell :)
Post surgery I could booze again :)

Lawrence said...

hehe the only known trigger at the moment is not enough sleep. Am working on removing that one ;-)

So, after this time, do you think the frontal labotomy has worked Hipshtar?? O wait.. it must have otherwise you wouldn't want to be doing these crazy multiday multi 100km rides :-D heheh