Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Spot the road champion

Sunday morning, Mr Legs and I rolled out of Maryborough for a pre-race leg spinner. Very early in the ride sitting behind Mr Legs, I heard a weird noise, looking around, wondering what the hell was about to fall off my bike. Then I looked up to the left and a lanky young man rolled by, in an Italian national jersey and Australian team short,with his bike making all the whirring racket. He slid away from us fairly quickly but once he was about 50metres in front, stayed there. So we spent the next 2km slowly hunting him down, me off the front driving our little 6cylinder against his V8. Finally we hooked onto him, and as I went to pass him, he started chatting. Being the social person I am (more like: who is this person in national team clothing??) I started chatting back. We spent the next 10 km swapping turns, humming along at a good clip with Lachlan Stewart, U19 2007 Oceania Road Champ. Eventually we turned around and left him to continue his recovery ride (average speed 36kph – that’s recovery??? Guess it’s all relative). He was cruising along at that speed, breathing as though he was window shopping in Chaddy. Me, I was huffing like an asthmatic 40 year old, but cruising back into town I said to Mr Legs, I have a new ambition for 2008: to hold a ride at over 35kph and hold a normal walking pace conversation. Good luck for U23 nationals Lachlan!


Colin Griffiths said...

When we are out on the tandem, my wife seems to have no problem holding a conversation even when I'm anaerobic! Would that count?

hippy said...

Easy! I run out of breath at walking pace already :)