Monday, 21 January 2008

A rare commute

Friday, in order to get close to the 85km in my training schedule (after a rejig of this week’s training due to Coach’s, well, coaching commitments) I decided the best way to get the kms done was ride the bike to work. The bike being the Fatbastard mtb aka ~5 yr old Avanti Hammer = weighs a ton. Add several kg of back pack, mixed riding surfaces – bitumen, and bike paths of concrete, packed gravel, loose gravel, loose, thick chunky gravel, sand - and one mother of a steep climb at Sunnybrook Dr Wheeler’s Hill, it makes for an interesting ride. It’s been many months since I did this ride in full, so was looking forward to how it would pan out. Usually I start to hit the wall on the return trip, around Heathmont, and have to hit the jubes hard at this point.

Apart from fatigue from lack of sleep and hard training on the ergo during the week (got the powertap readouts to prove it!), I felt good. The ride was actually easy (not withstanding on the home trip, a sore lower back and shoulders from the back pack, and a sore butt from the saddle, sore quads and knees from ergo the day before) and I never did hit that flat spot on the way home – no desperate stop for demolishment of a packet of jelly dinosaurs! I wasn’t even hungry when I got home (maybe a sign of the lurking visitor that arrived the next day in all its glory?). My current training seems to be doing me some good. And now I seem to have the mtb almost in full working order (new cones and bearings needed) I'll be looking for more places in my training where I can ride to work to fill in a smidge under 80kms towards the weekly tally, weather permitting.

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