Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Merry Xmas

Xmas day ride up the 1:20 with Madam Hour and Mr Legs. Mdm Hour and I waited up at Olinda for Mr Legs, and as we waited, we watched a guy hammering up the other side, off the saddle pounding the pedals, wrenching as much speed as possible out of the frame, racing some invisible demon.. or Lance. At one stage, he paused, looked over his shoulder then started his demon race again. Once he got to the top, Mdm Hour called out: Did you win? He replied with a chuckle, saying I’ve got a bit left yet. I’m sure he did cos he sure as hell wasn’t out of breath. He looked vaguely familiar – Matty White kind of familiar, but before I could ask him, Mr Legs rolled through with no intention of stopping. So we hooked onto his downhill train and left the Matty White look-alike behind to contemplate giving that extra 20% to achieve mortal puffing.

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