Monday, 21 January 2008

Goal has Legs

Mr Legs' finally has a new cycling goal. Well, it's one he has done before, but it's come up on the radar for this year, and very close on the radar. Two years ago we did the Murray to Moyne as part of the Tech-Rentals team. It was my first (and only at this stage) M2M and Mr Legs' Nth.

He has a spot on the team again this year for April, and as of the weekend, is keen and revved up. I s'pose this may mean he will ride more than twice a week... at least this morning he put his mtb in the car to ride the Warby rail trail after work. Hopefully this will give him something to do, some motivation to ride, some understanding, once again, of my own training tiredness and unwillingness to spend more than 40 minutes a week vacuuming, and no time at all dusting. It also means we will be fighting over whose turn it is to cook dinner (as in, no it's not my turn!!), as we will both be as time-limited as the other. Looks like the freezer will be kept stocked with cook ups over the weekend. I am pleased that he has decided to do M2M again. I won't join him as it's 3 weeks out from nationals and I'll be getting very precious about my health and well-being by then. But I hope it gives him the goal he has been looking for with his riding.

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