Thursday, 24 January 2008

Feel sh!t, grow flowers.

One of the things I love about cycling is that you can been feeling like absolute sh!t and actually be doing ok, or pretty darn good even. Last night’s ergo session was one of those rides. Perhaps it had something to do with worry about the overview graph of the previous session, which was indicating reduced performance.

I struggled through last night’s session, fought against the big yellow fan, the cranks, my legs, my head, the clock. But in the end, my highest wattage was another PB, my cadence was up, and signs of more improvement were there. So was the nausea, but that’s another matter! Last week I felt slightly ill at the end of the final effort. Last night, I felt well and truly nauseous after the very first effort – not a good way to start! 10 efforts later I didn’t sit up to recover, for fear of needing the dreaded barf bucket, which Coach relishes in describing – wide pan to catch the splashes, used by champions (true!).

Mr Legs was over for the session. He’s never seen me do an ergo session before, and I suspect he doesn’t want to see one again. He looked a bit shocked (stunned and horrified??) by it all, but I did explain it was an uglier than usual session. At least he now understands better why I come home, shower, eat, crash!

After downloading the data, the graph looked like the last one ie reduced performance. But after expanding the data points for each effort, I realised the software compresses the data points and the data ranges on the graph so that it doesn’t present a true picture of what actually happened. My max power output was a PB and 80 watts more than 3 weeks ago. Three more sessions of power efforts, then we hit the cranks for some cadence work: set cadence at a set power output. I’m beginning to like this power stuff, hunting after numbers, watching them ebb and flow, trying to control their little flashing figures on the computer head – instant biofeedback, and the reward of a new best number at the end to hang in the trophy cabinet.

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