Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Day 3 - Bendigo

The heat didn’t let up on the Sunday for Bendigo, but fortunately racing didn’t start for the seniors until 7pm, by which time it was significantly cooler. Mr Legs and I spent a couple of hours at the nearby pool before racing. I ran into a couple of others with the same idea, it was just so bloody hot. I didn’t race as well on Sunday, being tired and wary of the track, or dare I say, others’ ability to hold a line through corners 1 and 4. It’s along track ( 416m) and flattish with 2 oddly shaped corners (corner 1 you have to actually steer). In both wheelraces, my fellow front markers swung up through corner 1, while I stayed on the black line. Although this saved me metres, it also cost me wheels and energy trying to get back on as the girls came back down onto the bottom of the track a little ahead of me. No way was I going to sit in a pack with girls not able to take Corner 1 and hold their line. So I stayed out in the breeze, wasting precious energy, already sapped by 2 days racing in heat. For most of the 4 races, I was able to stay with the bunch until the final lap when the major jumps occurred. The final scratch race, there were plenty of surges, and I went with them all, until the final one for the line. I found the longer track more challenging, as once you lose a wheel, it’s that much harder to get it back on the bigger, flatter track.

Highlight women: a standout across the 3 days was SA's Annette Edmonston. She has speed to burn, and when she fires up her rocket launchers, there are very few who can go with her. It was also great to see a few women who attended the CSV Women's Track Skills program racing, one of whom won the 2000m wheelrace at Bendigo.

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