Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Big Chain Ring Effort

Yesterday Madam Hour and I headed for the hills. After a bit of goading and daring (and being sent a mission from Coach), we both decided it was the day to ride the 1:20 in the big chain ring. Before we hit the hill, I was concerned I wasn’t going to make the distance on the 53, but set myself 2 km incremental goals and rolled the chain up onto the big ring as we swung through the roundabout at The Basin, setting my mind for cruise control, telling myself the first and last km would be the hardest. Well, I surprised myself. Admittedly I was only on the 19 rear cog, but it wasn’t that bad. We had been passed by a guy very early on in the ride (Mt Dandy Rd) and we began to gain on him up the big hill, until he realised we were doing just that, and lifted his game a little. It hurt, but didn’t kill me, keeping it smooth, relaxed and consistent. The last 2 km were the hardest, where the road kicks up slightly. Madam Hour dropped me in the last couple of km as she picked up a little speed and I dropped 1kph. Next time I’ll do it on the 17, until I work my way down the rear stack. We rolled around the hills for another hour or so, but I found that my strength effort left me empty for the rest of the ride, with no grunt for the remaining elevations. It was a really enjoyable ride, overcoming a mental and physical barrier, and enjoying the nearly empty roads on New Year’s Day. Fully recommended!


hippy said...

I miss being so close to the 1:20. It nice being able to train up there and have such a popular climb to compare times on.

When base training, is it SUPER important to stay in a low HR zone or can I still bump it up now and again? (I don't have a coach any more :S)

Lawrence said...

Yeah it's great, and I am using it more often, but it was a bit of bummer when you're keen for a coffee and everything is shut, just cos of the date!

Re: HR. No big deal bumping it up every now and then (hills etc) so long as you don't stay there too long. If it goes up cos of hills, I think the benefit of the hill outweighs the cost of the higher HR in base, cos you are conditioning your body for a harder (& more specific) work load later on. If you wanna email me, you're more than welcome. You got my email Hipshtar??

hippy said...

It appears I do not.
Mine is firsthippy at gmail dot com if you wanted to send it through.

I'm planning on having words with someone from my club who is a coach and one of the other guys doing L2P knows a guy who knows a coach :)
I've been doing turbo sessions with the club on Tuesday nights but I wonder if they are a good idea when I'm supposed to be building up my aerobic capacity and not caning myself?

Lawrence said...

email sent :-)