Monday, 17 December 2007

Waste of a Weekend

Well I guess that sums up how I feel about my weekend, which was mainly spent asleep or dozing, letting my body fight off some invading virus that I most likely picked up at work. Around the coffee machine at work this morning, there were many tales of woe of people spending the weekend the same way I did. Something in the air, or with 4 days left of work before we close shop for the year, perhaps we are all just simply over it?

The Country Track Champs were washed out on Saturday, as was my planned visit home to Boolarra to mow the lawns, so bed rest was not so bad on Saturday. Sunday I was meant to be at the CSV Women’s Committee first Coffee Crit, very ably hosted by St Kilda CC, but I couldn’t stand up without feeling dizzy. I just wasn’t fit enough to make it. Very annoyed at losing training time, PR time for the Women’s Committee and the Coffee Crits (but they didn’t really need me anyway!) and feeling like roadkill. Fortunately today, things are improving, but it’s going to be a day by day thing for the next couple of days, doing that juggle between just enough and too much. This week is a big training week with lots of strength work, and I don’t want to lose any time to some stupid bug. I’ve lost too much time this year already to illness etc, and am looking forward to a clean run through to Nationals in April, and Worlds next October. Just shows what a knife edge we run juggling full time work, domestic life, training and rest.

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