Monday, 10 December 2007

Team Time Trial

Sunday we opted for a flat ride. Some of the group (a couple of whom had done Buffalo as well as Tawonga the day before) decided to do a breakfast ride. Madam Hour and I wanted a longer ride, to spin the legs out, and, well, to train! We headed out to Myrtleford, with Mr Legs in tow. The 60 odd kms was probably a bit long for Mr Legs, who had ridden very well for an anti hillclimbing, anti-training sometime track rider, but he persevered with our charge down the road towards Myrtleford. Rolling turns, we churned through the kays, making the 32km in a little under an hour. It was an excellent bit of riding, with the three of us working as a tight neat machine, in true team TT style. We got a few looks from passing drivers and cyclists going the other way, so smooth and well-tuned was our 3person engine. I realised about halfway to Myrtleford that while my left hammy was complaining, and my quads were feeling well and truly used, my HR was low and my breathing at walking pace, making for an excellent recovery ride.

We stopped at Plump Harvest Produce for a coffee (and a fruit mince tart – these were some of the best I’ve tasted). While at Plump, we browsed the back wall for goodies and Mr Legs and I decided to get a hamper for his folks for Christmas. We picked it up a few hours later on the way home, and it looked a treat. It will be difficult parting with it, and the guy who helped us with the order was lovely, and obviously passionate about food and the produce in the shop. Mr Legs was about done from the climbing on Saturday, and the motor into Myrtleford so our pace home was a bit slower, thanks also to a headwind. I had a minor crash and burn on the only hill back into town, with my pistons burning out and needing a quick oil change. I recovered after a couple of minutes at smoking engine pace and was back on pace once on the flat. Madam Lash Hour is always on the lookout for good TT training runs, so this one has made it to her list.

What amazed us later over lunch, was how dead Bright was. Half the shops were closed (which was a pity, cos our chosen lunch venue was also closed). I know it’s not quite high season yet but I think it says something about a 10 am out the door policy for commercial accommodation. Kick your guests out early and they will hop in the car and drive, instead of hanging around town. It was a pity, as I was interested in doing some Christmas shopping.


· Losing Mr Legs x2 in 2days in town – almost asked the local policeman walking down the street if he’d seen a very tall, balding 4 year old

· Motorpacing behind Mr Legs and Mdm Hr

· More food, this time in a basket

· Beer

· Funky cafes

· Playing guess the song in the first 5 seconds to keep the brain awake on the drive home

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