Friday, 14 December 2007


It’s that time of year when the seething masses make their new year resolutions. I made mine in the 2 weeks after Worlds, based on what issues and weaknesses appeared this year. In no particular order :

· Get more sleep!! I’ve been chronic this year for surviving on 6 hours sleep a night. I am a 9 -10 hour sleeper to be in top form. Now I aim for minimum of 7 and preferably 8. So far it’s pretty much working, hitting 7 – 7.5 hrs most nights. It’s amazing what a difference an extra hour of sleep can do for attitude and tolerance levels. It’s my no compromise (well, hardly ever) thing for 2008.

· HTFU. Sure, but what does this mean? I used to have a mantra when I was duathloning: Stopping is not an option. I am working on that one again. I also used to have a bit of a masochistic streak, seeing how hard I could go and tolerate it ie push out my cracking point. This one is back – it’s a bit addictive and I have the taste for it again. It’s interesting to see how it also changes your mindset, and how you ride. Now I have my good luck band to remind me: HTFU, and all that it means (which is more than I have written here – it’s also about professionalism which is another all-encompassing gloss over word, and as much about attitude as doing)

· Self belief, which includes being selective with whom I listen to regarding my efforts in my training and racing. I have chosen a couple of reliable, knowledgeable people whom I trust. No one else’s opinion matters.

· Gym: Go. Do it. Regularly. Too simple.

· Yoga: I keep thinking about it, but it hasn’t helped. So now it’s time to actually do it.

· Breathing: keep practicing! More work required to keep the Ventolin in the bag.

· Time: developing an athlete takes time. I know this – I am a coach. I just have to apply it to myself.

· Keep it fun, keep it enjoyable.

There are probably more things I could add, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself and give up ;-P

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hippy said...

Ooh more sleep is a good one.
I'm not making resolutions because I'll break them but I am riding more and drinking less. Shock, horror! :)
Damn, you have loads of rezzies! I'm keeping mine to a simple two.

I'm in base building phase now, apparently. I've forgotten what that means but I think it means I have to ride lots and not do it too fast..

Good luck for 08!!