Friday, 14 December 2007

A regular week in the office

This week has been quiet on the gossip and hilarity front, which isn’t to say I’ve not heard any gossip or had me no fun! I’ve just had nothing to say really. It’s been a regular week in the office of the everturning crank, with the added bonus of actually having fun on the bike, actually enjoying training (this week!) and looking forward to it. Except when I wake up with a cracking head ache from lack of sleep, as I did this morning. Needless to say, I was mighty relieved at the 4.42 am sms from my Hourly friend who piked out on our training ride this morning. She apparently has turned into a raging party animal thanks to the Season of Giving. She obviously was too much on the receiving end of giving, and was paying for it this morning.

Last night’s racing at DISC was the final Thursday night for the year, and I really did have a good time. Obviously my ergo session the day before was either a complete success, cos I was feeling strong and fit, or a complete failure because I was feeling good, and could still walk normally. I did take the precaution of using a slightly smaller gear than normal, just in case the ergo efforts were lurking in the background. In the end it turned out a good strategy, despite running out of gear in the first two races, when I put my normal gear on for the motorpace, my legs felt fresh, not trashed.

The scratch was similar in pace to last week’s, and my plan was to just do, not think about it. Coming into Lap 7, and second wheel, I decided to pull out, hopefully create a bit of a gap and put the accelerator down. I made my attack, and kept going at 95% throttle, feeling very pleased with myself. Half a lap later, I dared look around and on the bend could see the whole train immediately behind me. Well that didn’t work! So I rolled off and continued with the bunch and saw the race out. Later on I heard that my stunt had created a few holes and hurt some legs, so my plan wasn’t a total failure. I already have in mind a modification for next time - can't wait to try it out.

The pointscore was tougher, and I lagged behind during the first sprint, just not having the speed to keep up with the bunch. I managed to get back on, but lost touch again, hooked up with a couple of more mature gentlemen for a few laps, and retired with 2 laps to go. The highlight for me was having the drive to fight back and keep at it, instead of seeing too many stars to see the track properly.

The motorpace was steady and calm, so calm in fact I was nose breathing at a normal rate until about 3-4 laps to go. The motorbike hitched up the pace many notches on lap 3, which was a bit of shock to the system after rolling around at a such a comfortable pace. My legs couldn’t handle it, and again, I finished gatekeeper, making sure the last of the little fluffy lambs were safely home.

It was the most fun I’ve had in ages. Seems like thanks to a little black rubber wrist band, in the form of a thoughtful supportive gesture, has dug up something from the deep past, and has given new life to my racing and training. Or maybe I’ve finally shrugged off a winterglum that’s been much too sticky for too long? Either way, it’s good to be a cyclist, it’s great to be training, and doing some hard work, and even better to be feeling like form is slowly improving after months of stagnating. Perhaps it’s just the festivity of the season, with thoughts of a Fainter’s dubbel tonight, and champagne cocktails next weekend keeping me keen? Who cares, as long as it keeps working!

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