Thursday, 20 December 2007

Fountains of flowing chocolate

As mentioned below, today is our last day of work for the year for the uni. So of course, most departments don’t actually do any work this afternoon, but usually have a festive lunch. I’ve just peered over the balcony from my floor to the foyer 2 floors below and spied... a chocolate fountain. So far I’ve managed to avoid much of the usual seasonal eating and drinking, being the dedicated athlete that I am (which actually means my social life is very slow thanks to a training program that lurks in the back of mind all the time, and the need to get to bed early to get up predawn to do it all again the next day). But… I can hear a chocolate harpie screeching from her fountain….. And I’ll avoid thinking about smorgasboards and communal eating troughs. Hanging out with a healthcare worker is beginning to have side effects....

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Lisa said...

It's Christmas time, indulge a little bit :)

Says me who is getting back on track with the whole eating properly thing... it sure is tough at this time of year though, but next summer I will get my rewards :D