Thursday, 20 December 2007

Bring on the ergo

This week’s week training was a pivotal week – a big week for strength efforts, before the Xmas Country Track Carnivals next week. On Monday it looked like it was going to be a wipe out, but by Tuesday I was winning the virus battle and getting the schedule back on track. I was meant to race Tuesday, but took a conservative approach and just rode, which seems to have done the trick.

Last night I had SE efforts on the ergo. But of course, I forgot that Coach would be swanning around at Vodafone for the Melbourne Cup on Wheels, doing his coach and volunteer thing, and giving Mrs Coach some quality her time (well that’s what she smsed me! Oops! Got some explaining to do now!!). So that left me with doing the SE efforts on the trainer, or up the 1:20 (the only hill around home that’s long enough for the efforts). I chickened out of playing bullfighter with the Xmas drivers, who are suffering all kinds of delusion states at the moment, and stayed home.

Well, I just hate to say it, but training on a mag trainer just doesn’t rate with training on a BT ergo. My cadence was in the zone, my HR was in the zone, it was hard, but… the harder I pedalled, the easier it got, and anyone who has trained on an ergo knows that’s just plain wrong! I pined for the ergo… perhaps I am still viral…or delirious with joy as today as my last day of work until early next year, and I am keenly anticipating some sleep ins..

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