Monday, 10 December 2007

Bright training weekend

A very enjoyable weekend away in Bright, with Mr Legs, Madam Hour and a few of Madam Hour’s cycling buddies. The weather was excellent (apart from the heat climbing Tawonga Gap, both sides), and the riding even better.

Saturday was Tawonga Gap day. We rode over the Gap to Mt Beauty return. Overall I was happy with my ride, stopping once only each side when heat and/or road steepness got the better of me. This was my second only attempt at Tawonga, and much improved on my 2006 Alpine effort (which was complete with a recovering back injury from a track fall 6 weeks earlier).


  • Cicadas, all over the road, dead, dying, mating, singing their little leg songs in the heat, in the trees and deafening. I had some weird aural sensations from the ear popping altitude and screeching cicadas.
  • Coping with the climb
  • Madam Hour presenting me with a Harden the F^ck Up wristband, which then got me back up over Tawonga Gap, plus some Madam berating about 800m from the top when I wanted to stop for a second time (I didn’t)
  • Guessing what the yellow specks were in Mr Legs’ cream (as in scones and cream) at the Mt Beauty bakery
  • Riding with Yogi Guru, who has moved from Bayswater to Harrietville to try his hand at something new. It was great to spend time with him again.
  • Madam Hour pouring water over me at the top of the climb coming back from Mt Beauty. Cool water on my head never felt so good.
  • Watching Mr Davitomon Lotto nix go up and down Tawonga so many times, I think he was actually lost. We saw him so often going both directions, particularly on the Mt Beauty side of Tawonga, I thought the cicada drone + the heat had done my head in and I was seeing things. Later I saw him in Bright riding with 4 others, so he was real.
  • Waffle cone 2 scoop ice cream at the ice cream shop immediately after the ride
  • Red Peter on his red orbea only being able to do the Mt Beauty side of Tawonga in 28 mins, unlike his friend who does it in 23 min xxseconds. See ya later dude – too fast for us when he finally shut up and shot past us at the base of the climb. Didn’t see him again, not sad.
  • The mysterious grey Tawonga panther. Coming off the front of Tawonga, a few km before the bridge, with Mdm Hr and I flying along, we both were surprised (as in SHIT!!!What the f^ck was that??) by a loud growling/hissing and a large flurry of lunging thing heading out of the roadside ditch up the embankment. I saw a flash of grey, Mdm Hr saw a large critter. My first reaction was a bird flying away from a snake, but after discussing it and comparing notes, we thought it could have been a koala (mainly due to the critterness of the critter and the noise), or a large feral cat. Later, over dinner we decided it was probably a lyre bird, as they have been coming out of the forest and foraging in the ditches thanks to the drought.
  • Food: lunch, dinner, sampling the local eateries and cafes.
  • Cooling hot tired legs in the river
  • Feeling stronger the next day for the climbing, instead just totally stuffed.

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