Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Women's Track Skills Program - that's a wrap

Last Sunday saw the final of the 7 week track skills program run by CSV. The women who participated have improved in confidence and skills tremendously, and as a coach (and Women's Committee Chair, with the program being an initiative of the Committee) it was fantastic to see this progression, as well as the smiling faces all round.

CSV'S Luke Mason wrapped it up in this review, doing a far better job than I can manage this morning (it's a public holiday in Melbourne but some of us are at work..). Unfortunately, in amongst all the thank yous, one person keeps being left off the list, and that is Luke. Without Luke, the program would have been more difficult to get up and running, as he booked the venue, the coaches, managed enrolment of participants, organised equipment as needed, organised the goody bags, food, room hire, coaches' gifts, participation and appreciation certificates. There were many small things that Luke saw to, which made the 7 week program run very smoothly. The office staff at CSV are often at the front of the battle lines and usually take more hits than bouquets. So Luke, sending you a bouquet! Thank you.

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