Thursday, 1 November 2007

Metro Masters Champs NSW

Food for thought for the Southerners?

It seems likely that the MoToR series run at Dunc Grey as a lead up to the Worlds will continue. Is there a demand (read: numbers) for regular masters track racing in Melbourne? And if so, where and when would it be held? DISC is booked solidly for some months, so a metro outdoor venue would be likely. Interested anyone?


Alex Simmons said...

Personally, I think this is an ill conceived meet at completely the wrong time. But that's just me.

Besides, graded racing is much better for regular track meets.

Lawrence said...

Thems fightn words! I am interested to know your thoughts - what is the thinking behind your statement Alex. cheers

Alex Simmons said...

Not a strategic thought has entered the minds of these people. If they had consulted the Masters Commission, then perhaps they may have realised that immediately following the Masters Worlds was not a sensible time for a "championship" event.

Take the decision to schedule the Masters Team Pursuit Championships in 2 weeks or so - not enough entered, so it's been postponed. The President's Cup has also been cancelled due to poor entry numbers. Well duh! Gee, maybe it might dawn on these guys that 2/3rds of the entries in these races are masters and that hosting the worlds will have an impact on numbers for a while in the early part of the season.

Lawrence said...

Thanks for your thoughts Alex :-)

I agree with the timing issue - that's a definate "HUH??!!" Your point re: president's cup is interesting, as I think it's really underestimated how many open competitors are masters licenced riders, ie how much masters competitors make up the racing and cycling populations. I have some thoughts on the way a couple of major local open track meets are now being run, in regard to the impact on access to compete in these events for masters riders, but won't state them publicly for reasons of politics.

I got the impression about NSW's metro masters champs that it's a hurried attempt to jump on a bandwagon that has already left the barn (ie it happened 2 weeks ago).