Monday, 26 November 2007

Hour Day

Today is Hour Day – HourofPower Woman’s attempt at the Hour record. I’ve purposefully not made any blog entries over the last couple weeks on HoPW’s efforts, as she has enough stress and pressure to deal with, without added weight from me.

Tonight I’ll be trackside, part of the support team, coaching, encouraging, hopefully steadying HoPW as she pedals at least to an Australian record, and perhaps a World record. At this stage, there will probably be four of us sharing line duties. An hour is a long time to be standing by the boards, focussing on your athlete, keeping an eye on their lap times, their body language, posture on the bike, cadence and rhythm, providing encouragement and direction.

I am not sure what to expect afterwards, none of us probably are, apart from knowing HoPW’s legs won’t work when she walks, she probably will be very untalkative, will be incoherent at times, will be terse, gruff, and snappish (well, wouldn’t you be after riding your guts out for an hour non-stop on a boring indoor circular track?), she may even dribble. She certainly won’t know which way is home (sorry old gal, had to throw that one in, one last time ;-) ). One thing is for sure, a whole bunch of people will be very proud of this tough, focussed, determined woman. She has been a tremendous ally and support to me over the last year, so it’s a privilege to be able to provide whatever support I can to help make Liz’s day a success for her. Rock on HourofPowerWoman!!

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