Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hot Training

It’s hot. Summer is a few days away and sharing her love already. The last couple of days doing pre and post work sessions on the trainer, I don’t think I’ve sweated as much, ever. Last night I wrung out my nicks. Even this morning at 5 am, when it’s meant to be cool, I was drenched. Or it could just be me. As it was, I got to 20 km this morning and stopped. I’d had enough. I was very hot, tired, weary and plain fed up. I don’t remember being so intolerant to heat, particularly early morning warmth. Perhaps it was just lack of sleep. Normally cutting a short a morning session wouldn’t worry me, as I just make up the kms that evening, but tonight we are going to the Spicks n Specks road show at the Comedy Theatre. Another late night, another short night of sleep, another crabby training day tomorrow.

Looking at the entry list for this weekend’s Tour of Bright, the number of women entered is excellent, and from all over the country: NSW, ACT, SA, VIC. My favourite road racer Pip Read has entered, so can’t wait for her sms updates over the weekend to see how she goes.

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