Friday, 26 October 2007

Worlds In Review: Weighty Issues

Day One of racing had some people perplexed and a little put out about their racing machines and their relationships with the commissaires’ scales. Bikes that in their current configuration had made weight quite readily at previous World Championships were suddenly underweight. My own bike that had weighed in at home at 8kg with aerobars and training wheels, but when stripped down to bullhorns only, Shamal up front and disc wheel rear, just made minimum weight by 180grams. The next day, with carbon fibre aero sticks and cups back on, it gained 900 odd grams.

The venerable Max Read, Gentleman of the Track, was in the above category. His bike has never weighed under, and Max has ridden on the same equipment for several years. This year, he as half a kilo under. So with some lateral thinking and deft application, a strategy was taped into place to get him through the commissaires’ scrutiny, and onto the boards at race time. I am not 100% sure what is under all that duct tape, but I was told it was a heavy bike pump. Obviously duct tape must weigh a bit, and I think a large portion of a roll was dumped onto the top tube.

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