Friday, 26 October 2007

Worlds in Review: Time for some Tourism

photo by Mr Legs, or me, I can't remember.

The scratch race on Thursday was my last event for the Champs. We were due to leave for Canberra on Friday morning, and as Mr Legs had not been to Sydney before, we decided to catch a train (of the double decker variety) into the city and wander around playing tourist. It was a last minute change of plans for me, as I had intended resting up for what would be a fast and furious scratch race. In the end I decided that Mr Legs probably wouldn’t go into the city solo, and my legs had been crap all week, so I had nothing to lose by trashing them some more on the pavement.

HourofPowerWoman had ventured into the city to test her legs and nerve walking over, as in up the span of, the Harbour Bridge. As it turned out, Mr Legs and I made it to the Rocks in time to see groups of people walking along the arch peak, so I shot off an sms, declaring “I can see you! I can see you!” to HoPW. Well, I thought it was funny. After several hours of walking, a tasty lunch in a cool, quiet bistro, some cake in the magnificent QVB (we missed out on the Lindt shop!! Misery!!) we made it back on the train (which trainline?? which platform?? too many to choose from) to the shoebox in time to load the car up and get over to the velodrome in time for a warm up before the scratch race.

PS. It's been some years since I last visited Sydney's CBD, and it is a very different place to Melbourne: more energetic and vivacious, brash, busy, congested, very Paris Hilton. Sydney creates reasons for people to go into the CBD, Melbourne doesn't. Sydney's historic architecture has a greater sense of history than Melbourne's, but there is less of it, which perhaps increases its import. Overall, I prefer Melbourne, and its decentralised cafe and shopping culture, which rests in the inner suburbs rather than the CBD itself. I think Melbourne is more quietly self-assured, and whilst Sydney is older, it acts like a younger, attention-seeking sibling. And to clarify for those who think I may be biased: I was born in Sydney, raised in Brisbane.

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