Friday, 26 October 2007

Worlds in Review: 500m TT

I enjoyed gating up for the TT, but was severely disappointed with my final time of 42.7 something - 1 second slower than Nationals. The time screwed with my head for some time, and probably didn't add anything to my pursuit performance the next day. By the evening I had got my brain back in order, after realising that speed work had not been on the training agenda, and I had not trained in anyway for the TT. My start was slow, a pursuit start not a TT start., which is what I've been training. I like racing the TT, and am keen to score a sub 40 second 500m one day (ie before I go up an age category). Not this year tho'. Interestingly enough, my time on the Communique and in Cyclingnews later was recorded as a second faster than the scoreboard and Mr Leg's timing. The only difference it made was to the finishing order.

A funny thing happened on the way to the gate. Sitting in the chair waiting to load the bike up, a commissaire fairly well-known to me looked at his start sheet,looked at me, then looked at his start sheet again,then looked at my number and pronounced "YOU'RE Lawrence Maskill" "Yes, Bronco, it's me". He then showed me his start sheet. The judges had drawn a big fat line through my name, and in bold capital letters beside it, written MALE. Poor Bronco: me out of context, fully suited and helmeted up, him in commissaire mode, and following his running sheet, didn't register who I was, and that I should actually be racing Women's 40-44 TT.

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hippy said...

Too much pressure on yourself?
Nerves? It's a learning experience still and there's not many people that can say they've raced World Champs!
Would you do something different? Have you started thinking about next year's Worlds?
*pat on back*