Tuesday, 16 October 2007

worlds: day 1

iToday is day 1 of racing:500m time trial. I am using my mobile phone to write this blog and the couple of hours I have before heading off round the corner will be taken up trying to get this post up. The weather today is hot..30 degrees and windy. The track ip built into the ground so the ramps into the in field are cool.But you still sweat buckets warming up on the trainer. There are 14 women in my age division ie 40-44. Racing starts at 1pm with the older guys then the women. Last night we stripped the aero bars down to the base and the t bike is now looking mean and super fast.the track itself feels fast, and as long as you can keep your bike on the boards some good times will be had. I am feeling positive and looking forward to a pb.

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