Monday, 1 October 2007

Pursuiter or hill climber?

Yesterday morning Hourof Power woman and I went for a ride, "heading east" as suggested by Hourgal. I wanted a reasonably flat ride, having done the 1:20 the day before with Mr Legs. So we opted for an undulating ride out to Lilydale, Coldstream, back through Wonga Park and into Croydon and up Toorak St. At the Toorak St roundabout, HourofPower woman kept heading up where the road steepens, and I opted for turning right and finishing the climb up Wickelow Ave, then headed for the bakery for some very cheap but large and flaky croissants. After blowing me off her wheel on her favourite TT stretch earlier in the ride, I then proceeded to eke out revenge by 1) actually getting us home (Hour Woman was an orienteer???) 2) delivery some pain on the hills. Actually I was relieved I made it up 2 hills in particular, as they have previously given me much grief. They still gave me grief, but in smaller buckets, and having the opportunity to wait (ie recover) on the top of the first hill for the Time Triallist was sweet after being totally humiliated on the flat (into a headwind to rub insult into injury).

My new shoes arrived on Friday courtesy of Omara Cycles, and after much fiddling with cleat position, they are very comfy and very stiff. They are also very silver. Now I look like a tosser, with matching shoes and bike. At least my helmet is bright orange and matches nothing much at all.


asfastasicanforaslongasican said...

just wanna know how many google hits you've had with tags like "hillqueen" and "wheelblower"..

Lawrence said...

I am sure "catporn" beats them all! ;-P