Tuesday, 23 October 2007

One more day of holidays.

So what do you do when you're on holidays and having an enforced (by Coach) 2 week break off the bike? Bake cakes of course! And spend quality time with the cat, catch up on a week's worth of paddock duties, and catch up on blogging. It was neat having the mobile phone to read email etc but it's not the easiest way to post a blog entry! I wrote a post last Friday regarding the scratch race, and realised when I went to save it, that there is no broadband access south of Sydney along the Hume, and isn't for the majority of the length of the Hume across NSW. So much for Telstra's roaming combi.

On Sunday, Mr Legs and I ventured into the city to watch the final stage of the Herald Sun Tour, check out any bargains going from the teams/riders dumping end of season goodies in preparation for next year's kit, and perhaps meet some of our buddies doing the annual Around the Bay ride. This year apparently 15 000 riders participated, and Mr Univac himself did the 250km.

After a bit of spot the celebrity cyclist (Katie McTier, Olivia Gollan) I came across a pair of Eurus that the Drapac Porsche team were offloading. After a bit of thought, some quick movement of money between accounts, and some advice-seeking from Coach, I picked myself up a pair of almost new campag race wheels, with brand new rubber on them. Unfortunately I now have to wait until the weekend after next to ride them, thanks to my riding curfew.


Marls said...

Hey are the cakes for the coach and mini-me coach. I hope not, like they need them not.

Lawrence said...

Nup, not for those boys. I am pretending to be a sprinter these days, as my pursuiting leaves something to be desired... ;-P