Monday, 1 October 2007

A little taste of pursuiting

Sitting at my desk, feeling tired and hungover from lack of sleep (waste of a hangover – no empty bottles and wine reviews to show for it) I flipped over to Lisa’s blog and her report on yesterday’s Women Track Skills session. The girls did pursuits yesterday, with gate starts, and culminating in a coached 8 lap pursuit ridden to a schedule derived from a previous 6 lap effort. Mini Me Coach, Coach Joe and I were in the home straight, with CSV Luke and Coach in the back straight, starting girls off, timing them, giving feedback and encouragement. All the girls that ran out of our gate rode fantastic rides, with nearly every one of them digging deep in the final couple of laps, negative splitting and giving it all. There were some gutsy rides, and it was pretty inspiring to watch. One women commented as she finished her effort :”Well, I don’t think that event is for me.” We all had a bit of chuckle at the way she said it, and empathised with her. But for me, she reminded me of why I do this event, and the inspiration for this blog. The first time I did a pursuit (at State Masters in January this year) I came off the track totally and absolutely trashed, but addicted, thinking “How cool was that!? I gotta do that again!”. So her words were a bit of a reality check for me, as well as a motivation check, in these final 2 weeks before Worlds, when it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the finer details, the pain and fatigue, monitoring food intake, sleep intake, fluid intake, wheel choice, gear choice, habituating set cadence, and lose sight of why I am actually doing this. The pursuit is challenging on many levels, and is a very pure and very difficult event, mentally as well as physically; it’s also very rewarding personally. I am grateful for her comment.

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