Thursday, 11 October 2007

Enjoy the experience

I am in my final hour at work, doing those last minute things you do when you are about to go on holidays for a couple of weeks. For me it means I can now walk away from the bunfight that has been work over the last week, filling in for someone else as well as doing my own work, and concentrate on being a competitive cyclist, and focus on competing next week.

Tomorrow I have a workout at DISC, then packing, shopping, getting the Aussie flag painted on my thumbnails and other such important activities. Saturday we set out in the big red car, megagig ipod plugged into the stereo, listening to Mr Leg’s crap 80’s American big hair rock music, and my fantastic punk and post punk indie intellegensia stuff. I am getting excited about going to my first Worlds, and as my favourite allwheeldrive cyclist emailed me today: enjoy the experience. I will Mike! Rock on!

I won’t be blogging much while I am away, but I’ll post results, impressions, gossip and incriminating photos as soon as I can. I want to thank everyone who has supported me over this year, who has offered encouragement, advice, wise words and competition experience. Every little bit has helped to get me here, and I am gunna race my little heart and lungs out next week, and have a ball while doing it.

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hippy said...

Rock on Lunachick!!

You know I'd be banging the boards for ya like a mental if I was there!!