Monday, 8 October 2007

7 Days 23 hours

There is a video doing the rounds of Shaun Wallace and Sean Yates IPing at the World Masters Track champs last year. I felt sick watching it. Nerves set in as the guys rolled out of the gate, got on top of the gear and into rhythm. As one caught the other, I realised I was talking myself through their race, as a kind of mental rehearsal for next Wednesday.

This time next week I’ll have ridden Dunc Grey once, and have done a rehearsal for how long it takes to get from the infield to the loo and back, so I know how long I’ve got to finish my warm up, get off the bike, get some clean race clothes on, get back on the rollers until it’s showtime. This is one vital piece of information, as there may well be many visits to check my mascara in the mirror.

Mr Legs and I have started planning when and how to pack, and particularly when Mr Legs can have access to my bikes to pack them. Both bikes need to be packed together due to the configuration of the car, and the whole packing of the car revolves around having all 3 (his n hers) bikes in first. We leave Saturday morning for Sydney, but Friday night packing is out as we are having dinner with Mr Legs’ parents after we drop the dogs off at their place. It’s a family tradition to have dinner together before a long trip, so no getting out of it without offending. This realisation over breakfast this morning had us attempting to work out a packing schedule, namely when I could offer up both my road and track bikes for packing. Fortunately I have Friday off work, so as well as going over to DISC to do a workout, and some minor shopping on the way home, I have the afternoon to sort out my stuff, and food etc, and pack it ready for slotting into the car. But it doesn’t help with getting the car packed before dawn o’clock Saturday morning. Fortunately I am banned from helping with the actual packing of the car (and the fridge after weekly shopping), so I might get more of a sleep in!

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