Friday, 14 September 2007

Winning Legs #2

Raced at DISC again last night, with numbers slightly down overall. D grade was smaller with 2 Masters riders of renown promoting themselves to C grade (to avoid the mosquitoes I suspect!). The evening outside was beautifully balmy, even at 9.30pm. The missing chill was appreciated but didn’t stop my lungs feeling put upon and complaining about it. I was not recovered from training on Wednesday, plus last week’s virus is lingering. Ms Lisanne, a recent track convert, commented to me later in the evening that I looked tired out on the track. She was spot on. But the neat thing for me was that I actually didn’t race any worse than I have previously, which means I am improving! If I can race tired and virused up and perform at my usual levels, then that’s a positive sign. I made a few silly hesitations over the course of the night, which caused me to lose the bunch, particularly in the motorpace. It shouldn’t have happened, but by the end of the night, I was feeling quite nauseous, shaky and tired. It did make me realise that one benefit of training at the Wednesday night Carnegie Caulfield session was a more confident and aggressive approach to racing than I have now. When you train with guys who are 110% full on it’s either take it to them or go and read a book on the couch, with your pink fluffy slippers on. I think I am missing that a bit, but confidence and assertive riding is also linked to confidence in fitness levels, so it will come.

Mr Legs shone again, taking out the scratch race in fine style and a good margin. Pity he couldn’t back it up and DNFed the next two races. Obviously he overtrained earlier this week walking the dogs and hadn’t fully recovered from his stick-throwing efforts.

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