Friday, 14 September 2007

UK Masters Track in 1 week

The entries for the UK Masters track are now up. It seems that the UK suffers a similar lack of female competitors as we antipodeans (so perhaps we are not so antipodean in this regard at least). The biggest field (6) is in the 30 -34 yr olds. The average across the 10 yr age-groupings is about 8-9. The smallest fields are the 35-39 and 45 -49 groups with 3 each. 50+ has a field of 4. I am not sure if this is the norm in the motherland (well, my motherland - thanks Mum!) or if it's a result of the rescheduling of the event due to excessively inclement weather the Brits recently experienced.

Apparently World Masters entries in the women's categories (and men over 60) are precariously low. Entries close next Friday, and I can't see the internationals submitting last minute entries when there are flights & accommodation to book. Seems like this year may be a rest year for many of the northern hemisphereans. As a colleague said to me last night, perhaps it will be possible to gain a World Championship medal racing Nationals.


cfsmtb said...

Oooo, what would Beryl say about the lack of female participation?

(Of course you'd know who Beryl is)

hippy said...

Odd. Fixed gear street riding is booming. Saw another lass on a fix out west today.
I guess racing is a different matter though.

Lawrence said...

I know a few beryls (and a real one also) but not sure I know your's cfsmtb. And.... welcome! :-)

Lawrence said...

I think you hit it hipshtar - the R word.

cfsmtb said...

Sorry, was being too cryptic.

Meant Beryl Burton.

Lawrence said...