Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Revised date for Vic Masters Track 2008

CSV has released the final version of the Summer Calendar. With it comes a change of date for the Vic Masters Track champs from early January to late March, one month out from National Masters Track. I am still deciding if 1) the revised date to March is a Good Thing and 2) being one month out from Nationals is a Good Thing.

I don't mind the later date (although racing very early January off the back of the Xmas Carnivals with some rest days in between is a Useful Thing for priming for States) but I am not sure about then only having four weeks to recover, refocus and revise strategies, techniques, fitness levels for Nationals. It's going to be a long peak, with the Vic Masters Titles the final major event of the local track season. It will to take some careful management to squeeze a bit more fitness in with enough recovery and freshening up before Nationals. It means no down time after States, with States being just another race meet on the Calendar, rather than a major focus. Coach knows his stuff though, and we'll get to Sydney in April with bells on.

Summer is on its way and browsing the new Calendar, I am really looking forward to this season. Coach is discussing upcoming regular training sessions on the track and I can't wait. It will be a change from the long slog and drudge of winter training in the freezing cold and gloom. I enjoy the social aspect of track training, and immediate feedback from training buddies and Coach, and I wonder how I ever really dealt with the solitude of duathlon training and racing years ago.

The Christmas Carnivals across Horsham, Maryborough and Bendigo (Ararat has opted for a separate date this season) are great fun, with an excellent atmosphere and camaraderie. Being on the road for a few days allows you to pretend for a bit that you're a (self-sponsored) professional trackie, following the circuit, living out of a bag, a car and a borrowed or rented room/floor space. This year I hope to sneak in a side trip to the Grampians, and/or a couple of winery visits driving between towns, but I am not sure about wine-tasting the morning before a meet....

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