Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Making the grade.

Another weekend down, checked off the calendar, two less work-free training days to Worlds. Twice this week I have had conversations with acquaintances about “where I am at” in terms of readiness for Worlds, times I am crunching, in other words, preparedness and am I going to medal. One colleague directly questioned where my times sit compared to my potential competition. The other track colleague just blankly stated I don’t know where I am at and I need to focus on my training more so I am ready for Worlds. Needless to say, I was a little gob-smacked at that one. But both comments got me to thinking…

Frankly I don’t care where my times are at compared to my competition. Compared to whom? Michelle King, Julie Barnett, Janet Birkmyre?? And whom ever else may or may not show. I didn’t have those King/Birkmyre/Barnett speeds and times 4 months ago at Nationals, why would I suddenly have them now? And if I did, send my to the ASADA suits straight away!! Worlds is about me, my own race, my own times, my PBs. But thanks for asking (and that’s pretty much the answer he got, although he really couldn’t compute it).

The second conversation I just said thanks for that and nodded politely. As I said, I was pretty gobsmacked by this observation from someone who doesn’t even know I have a coach, or my age group, let alone what training I am or am not doing. He only sees what he sees on a Sunday lunchtime, or Thursday night training, I mean, racing. I am at the Sunday session to play around with my bike set up, get used to the aerobars, support Mr Legs, and practice a few things like standing starts (controlled ones at that –so while I may be yelled at to “GO!GO!GO!” out of the blocks, I am aiming for an x seconds 250m and it doesn’t include “GO!GO!GO!”). By the time I get to the velodrome for Sunday play time, I have done anywhere between 40 – 95km. So when this same guy stridently urges me to get on the track to warm up, after being told I have ridden to the track, I just shake my head. Thanks but no thanks.

Both these guys probably mean well, but all they did was work to annoy the crap out of me by setting me up against their own standards. A little time away from their own agendas and asking about mine is all it takes. I do know where I am at. I know in the IP, that when I get to the 1km mark, if I have not let nerves and excitment take over and am sustaining the prescribed cadence, I’ll have enough juice in the tank to lift the last 2 laps and PB. Goal achieved. I know that I have the power and strength physically and mentally to PB in the TT, so long as I nail the start. And nail the start I will. I won’t crack, melt down, fail, lose the plot, give up, or do less than 110%. Goal achieved. I won’t be happy if I don’t PB, but I won’t cry about it either.


Lisa said...

I've recently found that it can be difficult explaining to people what you want to achieve or get out of your cycling if it doesn't agree with their view. While I am not focussed on any racing etc at the moment I am trying hard to focus on what kind of cycling I want to be doing and it is difficult!
While it is great that people are willing to give lots of help and advice, it can be difficult to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore sometimes as everyone has their own view on the world and some can be very passionate. A lot of people just can't see the world from a different view point.

I think its fantastic that you have the goals that you want to achieve and that you are focused on these and you are doing what you want to do!
One day I might get this worked out, in the meantime I am having fun trying a few different things :D

Lawrence said...

It's like going to a surgeon - they view point is : cool, where's my knife? A physio might be, let's avoid the knife with some bending and stretching (this hails from a recent knee injury a friend of mine suffered whilst wearing a pair of skis).

It's the same in any sport/activity where you are in the discovery phase and making decisions about what that activity means to you and how you want to become engaged with it. It can take a long time. In 2004 I started out riding mtb and wanting to do XC enduros. Now I race for 40 seconds - 3 minutes on a velodrome! You will get there Lisa! Just allow yourself the time and nod politely at all the "sages" (me included hehe).

Lisa said...

You are so right about the view point thing.

I like how willing everyone is to help out and offer some advice and some people, like yourself and Carl and many others, have soooo much knowledge and information and I am rapt that people are willing to help me its fantastic! Now I just need to figure a few things out for myself and try things and just see what works for me.

I think its awesome that you have your goals set for what you are wanting to do at the moment, I am jealous! My goal of 'improving' is a bit too broad hehe