Monday, 24 September 2007

The Magic Reality of Frocking Up

After my disked up efforts yesterday Mr Legs made a comment: “Why don’t you ride like that all the time?”

“Like what?”

“With such determination and focus – I haven’t seen you ride like that since Nationals.”

I just shrugged and offered an excuse: “Dunno, maybe cos Coach is here?” I didn’t really know why it was different, or even recognised that I had ridden “differently”. I just did what I had to do.

But reading Mike’s Sunday update in the Goldie Blog this morning made me realise: getting frocked up in a party dress and wheels makes it real. Mike commented: “Doing a trial on Friday so will see where I am at but this won't change how I ride on the 16th October as the real thing brings something out in you.”

Yesterday's efforts on the race wheels were points in time when all the training I've been doing started to coalesce, become real, have substance. It was about fine-tuning technique, making mistakes and correcting them now rather than in 22 days time. It was for real, a moment of truth, so that when the real thing is finally now, I will know for real what I can do, and go and do it, for real.

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