Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Launch of Revolution Summer Track Series

Cotter Pin is launching their Revolution Summer Track Series on Monday Oct 8 over a breakfast shindig at DISC. There will be live crossovers with the Today Show, lots of media and cycling celebs in attendance, perhaps even me. Oh, and Anna Meares and Ryan Bayley. Maybe I can get them to autograph the same arm that Baden Cooke and Shane Kelly signed.

Sounds like the Cotter Pin folk have big plans for creating an entertainment package for their 4 race program. I hope they also provide some decent, accessible racing for local riders. I suspect that with the plan to get in big name, international track stars, it will be to the detriment of the local guys and gals, who will not be able to access these events as they have in the past. Rumour has it that the "regular" support races to the big name events such as Melbourne Cup on Wheels will be held outside the normal program hours ie not at the same time as the signature race. Such action will not invigorate the local racing scene and will make for some cheesed off local riders who may decide to boycott these events. These races are highlights of the racing year for trackies, so to "lose" them by holding the support races at different times to the main event is not a good move for local racing. But I am sure the food and drink will be excellent!

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