Monday, 24 September 2007

22 Days and (kinda) counting

That’s what it says on the World Masters Track site. So far the nerves haven’t kicked in, but now when I begin to count down the weeks (3) and days left, thinking about missed training, fatigued legs, what I should have done, what I could have done, I get a bit edgy, a bit anxious, a bit nervy. Then I switch to thinking about setting myself in the start gate, kitted and frocked up, ready to roll, then feel the drum of the disc wheel on the boards and the echo of my breathing in the IAS aero helmet and I get excited. Fortunately I have been inside Dunc Grey, and although I haven’t ridden its boards, I am told its very similar to Vodafone. I can readily develop a strong image of the feel of the building, the layout of the infield, the smells, the curve of the boards and width of the banking and straights.

Had a Big Day in my nix yesterday. Rode to DISC taking the direct route after deciding that riding Beach Rd in the ever fattening northerly would not be a nice thing for my whinging legs to endure. So I wimped out and took the bike path. Did a 10km warm up on the boards then some lead outs with the boys, and some 500m TT runs. The group was small and friendly and everyone worked in well together – no crossing paths betweens sprinters doing flying 200s, enduros doing laps and pursuiters boring around the bottom.

After lunch, Coach rocked up with wheels bags and tool boxes and pump. Mini Coach and Coach got to work swapping wheels out, discussing pursuit talk, track business, training dates, and then Coach handed me the frocked up bike, discs front and back, 88 on the drivetrain. Rolled around to get the feel of disc up front then did a couple of standing start efforts. Too slow off the mark then too fast in the second lap – blow up scenario. I found the front disc ok but was wary of every little wobble or shimmy that sprang off it. Back onto the concrete and the Dynamic Coaching Duo did a quick swap out on the front wheel for me, and wacked in a shiny shamal. A bit of a discussion about position, technique and technical aspects and then I rolled around and instantly felt the difference – this was one wheel that I could muscle around if the bike drifted or shook its booty if I stuffed up a line. A couple of more starts, more controlled, but still too slow off the mark and too fast in the second lap, but improved on the earlier starts. So now we’ve decided on the wheel combo and I’ll train on those for the next few weekends, nailing the start and the first few laps into a controlled, contained wind up so I don’t nail my butt to a brick wall on lap 4/5.

I got off the bike, a quick drink and straight into 3 hours of Session 1 of the inaugral Women’s Track Skills Program. Joe Schibeci took the lead and his professionalism shone through and set the tone for the afternoon. There was a mixed bag of confidences and skill levels but I am sure the girls will quickly develop and become more confident on the track. Yesterday’s session was a get to know one another, get to know the DISC track and settle into the routine of the program. The afternoon went very well, finishing off with standing starts, with the girls also practicing holding one another on the line. A big thanks to Nicole Holt, David James, Brad Robins, Gary Jennings and Joe S for helping out coaching and supporting the girls. There are another 6 weeks in the program and I really looking forward to seeing the girls progress through, and hearing their thoughts on what worked and what didn’t in the final wrap up.

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