Tuesday, 25 September 2007

19 training sessions to go

Entries have now closed for World Masters and there is officially less than 3 weeks 'til racing. My first event is the 500m TT on Tuesday Oct 16, sometime after 1 pm. Personally I’d prefer the IP to be up front of the schedule, as I have to work hard at controlling the start of the IP, whereas I can rip loose with the TT. So to start off with ripping loose then having to bring it back the next day will be challenging. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time in a darkened quiet room after the TT mentally rehearsing a fully controlled roll out of the IP gate and steadying into the next 4 laps.

The next 3 weeks of training is highly structured to keep the pursuit and intensity efforts going right up until the weekend before Worlds, but with increasing recovery, reduced volume and some peak workouts just before the event. I am also counting down my weights workouts, so that my final session will be 10-12 days out from Oct 16, allowing plenty of time for my legs to recover and recuperate. I am also getting (more) precious about whom I ride and socialise with and when and where, ensuring I get plenty of sleep, that my diet is spot on and my legs are well cared for. The girls at work want to get a team together for a “10 000 steps” walking program and of course asked me, knowing that I am into fitness. When I flatly refused they were understandably shocked. They didn’t quite get that an hour’s walk at lunch every day was not good for my legs! I’ve also, ironically, managed to get out of Ride to Work Day.

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