Thursday, 2 August 2007

Women's Come n Try Track - it's official

Dates have been released for the 2 upcoming CSV Women's Come N Try Track programs.

I am really excited about these programs, particularly the seven week program, not just because I'll be involved coaching, but also to have the opportunity watch the women participating grow their skills and confidence. Hopefully the end result will be those women racing on the boards, either at club or open level. That will be a real buzz :) But even if racing is not an outcome, then if the program helps build the confidence and skills of those participating, and enriches their experience of cycling in some way, then we have done our job. One happy little trackie hoping to spread the love!


Lisa said...

I read this on The Forum and I am very excited about it! I have just joined BCC with a Ride It licence to get used to track with a possible thought of racing eventually if I can build up some speed and skill.

Thanks for helping to get this organised, quite a few of us appreciate it :)

Lawrence said...

Awesome Lisanne, that's great news you've have joined the dark side ;-)

There are a number of us behind the scenes, with Liz Randall, Pip Read and Amy McCann and I firing the rocket up. Now the Women's Committee is launching the rocket, which is great. Amy and Luke (Mason) are doing LOADS of work organising both programs, and it wouldn't be happening without them doing the leg work.

Bleve said...

Just to let you know, I've printed off a few of these (mmm, colour laser printer ...) and stuck them up at the LBS.

Lawrence said...

thanks Bleve - much appreciated :-) In colour too! Luxury! ;-)

Bleve said...

I had a few spares and got a rep from 'bikebox' to distribute them to a few more LBS's.