Friday, 27 July 2007

Freshened up, Princess

It’s been a full-on week, with meetings, classes for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, training and racing, let alone the usual stuff of bossing Mr Legs around from the trainer while he cooks dinner. Well, it was a special meal, mainly a huge wack of King Island beef, t-bone style. Man, that was some nice steak!

Tuesday night I went to the first meeting of the new CSV Women’s Committee. One of the key concerns was to have some real-world outcomes in the very near future. The response to the recent forum was strong, and so there is a commitment to those who attended to make use of their thoughts, concerns and input on the night to action some of those ideas forwarded. On the boards (literally!) is a track cycling development series, for women who have some track experience and would like to build and develop skills and confidence for racing club level and opens. This is a really exciting program, to be run over 6 or so weeks, and I expect we will have a strong response to it. There will be another Come ‘n’ Try track day – these always prove incredibly popular. Also in planning is a series of come ‘n’ try racing, criterium style, over the summer months. This is still just a concept, but hopefully it will grow wings and become a reality. Stay tuned to the CSV website.

I raced DISC last night, and although not quite the tractor drag of 2 weeks ago, I was still lacking in speed and speed endurance. Coach was there this time, so I had to pretend to race properly, like I knew what I was doing. The racing seemed less intense this week, although some silly bugger kept sprinting off the front, and managed to totally destroy the bunch before the first sprint in the point score. What made it worse was when I saw who it was, each time the pack jumped to hunt him down and bring him back, I thought Idiots!! He’s going to blow up in another 200m. Let him hang out there. And sure enough, Mr Legs blew up each time. But gees he did a good job on the field in the first two races. Serves the idiots right for being so chicken paranoid about being dropped in lap 12 of a 15 lap D grade race. I am taking bets it will be the same next week. Let’s see if anyone remembers and takes heed of the lesson.

The motorpace this week was much better, with no disintegrating leads, and I was able to slot back into the pack in a sweet spot, thanks to a gap that magically opened up for me. I didn’t see who caused it, all I saw was a bit of daylight behind a wheel and I smacked quicksmart into it before it closed back up. Seems Mr Legs’ bunch breaking skills are also useful in a motorpace. But in the end I didn’t have the speed to go with the bunch in the final laps, and I was also a bit wary of some poor bike handling skills around me, which had me backing off the pace slightly at crucial times. Coach and Mini Me Coach gave me a few pointers, particularly about making space and flicking leeches and big bullyboys off. I am looking forward to some leg work training to put it all into practice and be in the mix over the finish line.


Bleve said...

It's good to see some things happening with the women's cycling thing, good luck with it and if there's anything any of us can do to help out, please let us know. You may want to get in touch with Kennedy's 'Pink Inc' (Bridgid Farrell runs that part of it I think?) if you haven't already, and/or Bob Kelly, they both have organised and sponsored some womens crits at Glenvale over summer. You probably already know this, but just in case some of your readers don't.

Lawrence said...

Thanks Bleve. This has been in the planning for some time, and a fair bit of behind the scenes research & discussion, including talking to the likes of Brigid, has gone into these ideas/plans over the last few mths.